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Discover the Easiest, Most Reliable Way to Eliminate Drama, Increase Team Accountability, and Create an Amazing Culture
For most leaders, their team members fall in the category of Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.”

And it’s no wonder…
Which of These “People Problems” Are You Facing?
If you’re like other business leaders, your team is the source of most of your frustration.
  • You often feel like you’re refereeing a bunch of bickering children because there’s always some type of conflict happening among employees or departments.
  • You get frustrated at how frequently drama overtakes the office and pulls everyone’s attention, focus and productivity off course.
  • You can’t trust your team to get things done correctly and on time unless you’re watching deadlines and nagging everyone to do their part.
  • You feel weighed down and held back by the people you’re working with…but have no clue how to fix the problem.
  • You want to create a culture where everyone gets along, works hard, and is excited about and accountable for producing results…but some people are creating a culture that’s toxic and discouraging.
  • You wonder if you’re the only one who really cares about your organizational and team goals … because the people around you seem to focus more on what they want, rather than what they’re supposed to do for the company.
  • You’re burned out, disillusioned and ready to give up. You vaguely remember what it was like to love your job … but now you dread coming to work.
If one or more of these examples strikes a little too close to home…good news. I can help.
About Mary Pat Knight
Hi, I’m Mary Pat Knight, founder and CEO of Leaders Inspired, a business coaching agency that helps leaders lead from the heart while creating phenomenal business results.

After 30 years in the world of business where I’ve held C-suite and senior-level executive positions in every functional area of business, I’ve witnessed the numerous people problems that can create unnecessary conflict and drama, poison organizational cultures, and sabotage business success.

I’ve also been a student of life, spending 35 years in deep personal development – from spiritual teachers, therapists, coaches, seminars, and Alanon.
While on this life-changing transformational journey, I discovered the key to solving the people problems that plague most CEOs and executives…

And I guarantee it’s not what you think. It’s not asking the team to play a role in crafting the organization’s strategic plan. It’s not finding new ways to bond as a team. It’s not about providing closer supervision and incentivizing employees to do their work.

Nope. The foundational secret to becoming a masterful business leader is to…
Become a More Emotionally Intelligent Leader 
With the Revolutionary Program 
Emotions are at the heart of all conflict and challenges in the workplace. 

Human beings do all kinds of tricky things until they feel heard, emotionally safe, valued and involved.

Think back to the last time you were unjustly questioned or left out of an important decision?

How did you feel? What reaction did you have?

Everyone – your employees, your peers, your bosses, your board members, and yes, you – has these types of reactions all the time. And when someone has a reaction, the people around them react to those reactions. 

It’s a constant chain reaction of emotion that’s being triggered and perpetuated at an unconscious level – and it’s holding you and your team back.

To break the cycle of reaction and dysfunctional behavior that creates a culture conflict, drama and de-motivation, you need to wake up, harness your emotions and masterfully lead your employees to do the same.

In other words … you need to become more emotionally intelligent.
By understanding what triggers you and your normal, automatic reactions…you can consciously choose different emotional responses and behaviors.

By mastering your emotions and showing up as a more authentic leader, you create the stability and safety your team needs to step into their own authenticity and power.

By getting in touch with and revealing the real you – not just the mask you believe you’re supposed to wear as a business leader, you’ll feel more joyful, passionate and aligned with your purpose. 

By all showing up as your authentic selves, you and your team members will connect on a deeper level and together create a shared vision and culture.

And when you’re all working together in collaboration, gratitude and joy, you naturally create bigger business results.

So how can you become fluent in the language of emotions?
an 8-Week Emotional Intelligence Evolution
Leadership Mastery: An 8-Week Evolution to the Inspired, Heart-Centered, Emotionally Intelligent You is a step-by-step online leadership transformation program that will guide you through the process of increasing your emotional intelligence and building an inescapable leadership toolkit…so you can create a more supportive, inspiring and vibrant culture, unite your team in purpose and accountability, and re-engage employees while inspiring them to become their personal best. 

During the program, you’ll learn my signature EQ leadership system. A system I’ve used with thousands of students…from large and small corporations…to leading industry associations…to entrepreneurs…to lifelong corporate executives and CEOs.

I’ve witnessed the most amazing transformations. Now you, too, can discover how to:
  • Create a clear organizational culture that uplifts and unifies your team
  • Develop a common language for inescapable accountability
  • Practically eliminate team conflict and corporate drama
  • Claim your personal power and have a positive impact on the people around you
  • Reignite your team’s passion, engagement and desire to take ownership of their work
  • Return to the joy and passion that originally propelled you into your career or business
  • Create a sense of stability and safety for your team…so they feel free to do their best work
  • Produce phenomenal results in your business and work relationships
  • Gain control over your own emotions, so you’re no longer triggered by other people and circumstances outside your control
  • Become more authentic in your communication…and step into greater levels of leadership than you’ve ever dreamed possible
  • And much more!
4 Steps to Leadership Mastery
Leadership Mastery is a 4-phase training program. Each phase is delivered in two parts over an 8 week time frame.
Following an on-boarding and orientation module to begin our journey, you'll spend 2 weeks in each phase, learning and mastering the skills before moving on to more advanced techniques.
Mindset – The Foundation for Transformation
Phase 1
Emotional Leadership–The Mindset of Transformation
Change begins in the mind…becoming aware of what no longer serves you, and making conscious choices to think, feel and act differently. You’ll bust open beliefs that are limiting your success, habits that keep you trapped, and paradigms that have outlived their usefulness. Change accelerates as you discover the major emotional triggers and common behavior traps that cause conflict, drama and dysfunctional behavior in individuals, teams and organizations.
  • The distinction between management and leadership…and when to use each (both are critical to running a successful business – but to maximize results, you must use each at the right time and in the right way)
  • How becoming a stronger leader – even if you’re technically a “manager” -- will help you inspire your team to move into action and get more done
  • What EQ is and how mastering it allows you to increase satisfaction and productivity in your team – while reducing drama and conflict
  • The surprising reason you may be experiencing stagnation, procrastination, second-guessing your direction in life, and even depression – and how to quickly fix it
  • What taking a risk really means – and what to do on a regular basis to make it easier to take risks
  • The only two ways of being this world…and how making a conscious choice about the way you’ll approach life empowers you to be a stronger and more effective leader
  • How to strategically use your comfort zone to grow as a leader
  • The 3 key players in Bermuda Triangle of drama and dysfunction…and how we get trapped in these roles
  • What about suffering you must embrace to be an effective, emotionally intelligent leader
  • The accountability issues that are created when we fall into the roles of Villain, Victim or Hero
  • How we get tricked into behaving in ways that undermine our desire to be strong, emotionally intelligent leaders
  • How growing your emotional intelligence empowers you to consciously control your behavior
  • The 2-part Leadership Formula – and how it will help you break out of the cycle of drama and dysfunctional behavior
  • One of the easiest ways to break free of triggered behaviors and emotional responses…so you can manage from a place of leadership
  • A proven, 8-step process for moving past the places where you typically get stuck and triggered – and move into your authentic self
Muscle-Building For EQ Leadership
Phase 2
Communication Leadership 
Once your mindset has shifted and you’re on the path to transformation, it’s time to build the communication and connecting skills that will keep you on an ascending path. Becoming an authentic, emotionally intelligent communicator is essential as you step out as an inspired leader in your team, company, community and world. 
  • A powerful exercise to up-level your leadership and increase your impact
  • The 3 types of purpose that employees find in their work – and how to leverage all 3 to drive performance, create satisfaction, productivity, create joy and connection at work
  • A 3-step process to identify and articulate your purpose in the world
  • The mistake that most managers and leaders make that results in only 25% of people receiving the message they’re trying to deliver
  • How learning to adapt your communication to meet your team’s unique needs will increase collaboration and results
  • The 4 core behavioral styles you must understand to be able to customize communication – and why you need each style for a high-functioning team
  • The 4 different ways a message may be received – and 4 different ways you can modify the way you deliver a message to ensure it’s received correctly
  • The most important thing to remember and manage when giving and receiving feedback
  • What most people get wrong about feedback (hint: it’s not about pointing out mistakes)
  • The SBIC Formula for delivering feedback – and why it works better than “constructive criticism”
  • How to use feedback to reinforce behaviors you like and want to see more of
  • How to get your team to be more receptive to your feedback
  • The worst thing you can do when offering feedback to someone else – and 3 questions to help avoid this pitfall
  • The Golden Rule of feedback and how using it makes it easier for your team to absorb feedback they might otherwise resist
  • 6 tips to make it easier to receive feedback…and find the gift inside even the most painful feedback
  • The best thing you can do to create connection and meaning at work for your team members
  • The H.U.I.R. model for improving your listening…so you can get the information you need to solve problems and make decisions
  • 2 of the biggest mistakes leaders make when listening 
  • 5 key skills to develop to become more effective at listening
  • The 2 different leadership listening paths you can use…and what you need to do to master each
  • The Golden Rule of Listening that should be used whenever you’re mentoring, coaching or having 1:1 conversations with people who report to you
Mastering Your EQ Evolution
Phase 3
Performance Leadership - The EQ Evolution
The best way to remain an evolved leader is to be in 100 percent integrity with yourself. Discover the essential skills needed to maintain your ability to lead your and your team's performance with emotional intelligence. You’ll be equipped to create greater accountability with yourself and with the people you lead -- and ultimately create a culture of accountability within your entire organization that primes you for growth. 
  • Your most important role as a leader if you want your team to keep their commitments
  • The difference between work rules, ground rules and agreements – and how each serves to create a safe space where your team can achieve excellence
  • The 2 ingredients that go into making an agreement that works for all parties involved
  • How changing your view on responsibility when it comes to agreements will create a paradigm shift in your view of accountability
  • 5 key ingredients of a win-win agreement – plus a bonus component you can add to make your agreements oriented toward action
  • How mastering feedback will help you create greater accountability with your team
  • 5 common reasons people make agreements they can’t or won’t keep
  • 3 strategies to help you reduce the number of agreements you break – and minimize the negative impact when you do
  • 4 proven tips for re-framing your agreements so that you’re more likely to keep them
  • What “shadow” accountability is and how it makes easy to slip out of your agreements
  • How shutting your “back doors” will take you to a new level of accountability and productivity
  • 3 types of agreements that are undermining your team’s ability to function well and be productive
  • How to identify the agreements you’ve broken to yourself – and how it undermines your ability to trust yourself and keep agreements with others
  • The 2 key components of candor…and how understanding them will help you better manage relationship
  • How society trains us to lie…and how it impacts our feelings about ourselves
  • 2 guidelines to follow when trying to uncover the truth
  • The connection between lying, stories and assumptions…and how to break free of the prison this toxic combination makes
  • 5 steps to clean up the lies we all tell (including to yourself)…so you can reach a more free and open place of leadership
  • How to tune into the stories you’re telling yourself (we all do) that create unnecessary drama
  • A 5-part process for cleaning up your stories so you can create a deeper connection in your work relationships
  • 5 guidelines for moving forward in a way that eliminates lying, storytelling and drama…so you can step in to a place of greater and more authentic leadership
Maximizing Genius
Phase 4
Maximizing Genius - Transcendent EQ Leadership
To get the results you want in life and business, you need to maximize the impact that you and your team produce by matching task to talent. Discover how to lead with purpose, passion, integrity and effectiveness as you move into the world in a bigger, bolder way.
  • Why acknowledging your genius is vital to your ability to lead and leverage the genius of others to create joy, satisfaction and fabulous results
  • The 4 quadrants of where we spend our time…and how to adjust your time so you’re getting the greatest return from your investment in time
  • How understanding the zones of performance will help you find upcoming leaders to nurture
  • 10 hidden sabotage patterns that may be keeping you from living in your Zone of Genius
  • One of the most overlooked tools that will help you easily create fabulous results, highly motivated teams, and joy and expansion in the work that you do
  • What appreciation really is…and why so many people deflect it
  • 5 common reasons that managers avoid sharing appreciation with their teams – and why you must reject this thinking to become an inspiring, powerful leader
  • The difference between appreciation and praise…and when to use each
  • 5 ingredients for that are needed to truly express your appreciation – and make sure it lands
  • Why sincere expressions of appreciation are needed now more than ever
  • How creating a culture of appreciation can not only impact your team, but also change the world
  • 10 tips for expressing your appreciation – and turning it into a way of being
"Mary Pat recognizes each person’s brilliance and uses it to help them grow and develop as leaders. She is able to navigate difficult subjects and difficult subject matter and does it professionally and with candor. Employees at all stages of their careers are learning lessons that benefit them both personally and professionally. Those who are committed to their own professional growth are growing, and our is business growing as a result!"
Karen Wilson
MAKE Corporation
How The 
Online Program 
When you enroll today, you’ll receive immediate access to the orientation training module. You’ll discover how mastering EQ will help you increase your team’s job satisfaction and productivity, as well as create a baseline measurement of where you’re starting. You’ll also discover tips for getting the most value from the program – and how the work we’ll do together can be leveraged to transformation your team and work environment.

You’ll get access to a new training module approximately every week for 8 weeks. Each module contains several short training videos, plus powerful action assignments to help turn your new knowledge into results in the workplace. You’ll have as much time as you need to digest the lessons and practice your new skills. The modules are being released weekly to account for those of you who like to fast-track and then re-visit the material.  The full program is designed to be completed within 8 to 10 weeks.

Watch your email for surprise invitations to join a community coaching call.  This is your chance to share your results, ask questions, and get my support.

Each day, you’re highly encouraged to post in the Leadership Mastery group on Facebook. This is where we’ll connect between coaching calls. It’s a great resource for getting questions answered and connecting with your peers.

"Direct and focused is the best way to describe Mary Pat Knight. She leads you through the process of self-discovery and is there to assist you while you do the work. She is the master of putting people at ease and bringing out the best in everyone in the room. Mary Pat is not intimidated by titles or positions – she is able to have a difficult conversation and still get positive results."
Daniel Joseph
 Managing Partner
 Blue Plate Catering Chicago
What You Will Receive
Immediate access to the “Leadership Mastery” orientation video, which sets up the course. You’ll discover how mastering EQ will help you increase your team’s job satisfaction and productivity, as well as create a baseline measurement of where you’re starting. You’ll also discover tips for getting the most value from the program – and how the work we’ll do together can be leveraged to transform your team and work environment. 

The 4 sections of the Mastery are delivered with 8 training modules with multiple video lessons, which walk you step-by-step through the skills and processes of building your emotional intelligence and develop your leadership skills. Each module contains multiple concise videos for short bursts of easy consumption - and quick implementation. 
  • Part 1: Emotional Leadership
  • Part 2: Communication Leadership
  • Part 3: Performance Leadership
  • Part 4: Maximizing Genius Leadership
Downloadable exercises and worksheets for each module. These practical activities will help turn your new knowledge into measurable results. 

Closing Review Module to set you up for sustainability and continued transformation. 

Complimentary access to the Leadership Mastery Group. This private Facebook group is where you can share your insights, aha’s and successes with fellow CEOs and executives who are pursuing emotional intelligence mastery.

By Invitation Only Community calls -  to get answers to any lingering questions you may have … and help you chart a course for your continued growth. 
Plus 4 Special Bonus Gifts…
Bonus #1 – Access to the Private Facebook Group - (A $227 value)   
Share your insights and create community with other like-minded leaders. When you practice, share successes and learn from mistakes with your tribe, the value is priceless.

Bonus #2 – Red-Hot Strategy Session (A $297 value)
During this 30-minute 1:1 strategy session, Mary Pat will walk you through concise process to diagnose your biggest opportunities – and biggest threats to your vision of success. You’ll end up with a clear picture of what to do – and what to avoid – to create the business and life results you picture. 

Bonus #3 – “I Had a Dream” Personal Vision Map (A $297 value)
This powerful guided audio session will magnify what’s possible for you – and remove the obstacles for getting there. 

Bonus # 4 - Emotional Intelligence Blueprint – (A $397 value)
This is a road map for daily habits to build your EQ muscles. An infographic that you can print and post as a daily reminder is accompanied by a week-long e-course. You will have built habits that will last a lifetime.
Are You Ready for Leadership Mastery?
This powerful transformational program is right for you if you’re a CEO, business owner, executive, manager or entrepreneurial-minded employee and:
  • You want to create a vibrant culture that inspires leaders and reengages employees, motivating them to do their best and achieve greater results.
  • You’re ready to return to the passion and joy that originally propelled you into your business or career in the first place. 
  • You want to claim your personal power, have impact and create phenomenal results.
  • want to do it fast – and make it last.
But It’s Not Right For You If…
Leadership Mastery produces quick change and lasting results. But it won’t work if:
  • You refuse to give up the blame game and insist on continue to make excuses.
  • You’re satisfied with the way things are and just want a few skills.
  • You approach emotional intelligence from an intellectual perspective…and fail to engage your heart or practice the skills.
  • You think you’re right and others are wrong…and swear by that rigid point of view.
See Why CEOs and Executives Rave…
“Mary Pat’s insight, inspiration, and business acumen play a vital role in helping organizations engage their teams and get them into action. She teaches how to have a tough conversation that creates a connection AND nurtures improvement in the employee. She is one of the best I know in the area of human and organizational development.”
Cathy Fitzhenry
 Board Chair
 Vistage International
An Investment That Pays Big Dividends
Clients routinely pay me $25,000+ to guide their senior leadership teams through this business- and life-changing transformation process. 

And it’s worth every dime, because creating emotional intelligent leaders affects all areas of business:
  • You’ll be equipped to create a culture that appreciates, supports and empowers employees to show up authentically and do their best work.
  • You’ll be a calmer, more approachable leader and be better able to modulate your emotional reactions…which makes employees feel safer.
  • You’ll have a better understanding of the emotional dynamics that fuel problem behaviors…and be better equipped to help address the root causes.
  • You’ll find that employees become happier and more productive in the new environment you create – creating bigger results without you needing to nag them.
  • You’ll likely see employee retention rise as your best employees fall in love with their jobs and the amazing culture you’ve created. (You may even find that some of the less-than-stellar employees who are poisoning your workplace conclude on their own that they’d be happier somewhere else.)
  • And you’ll discover that customers are happier, too…because happy employees take exceptional care of the people they’re serving.
But your investment will be a fraction of that price – just 2 easy payments of $597 or one quick payment of $997.

When you think about the toll it takes on your business when employees are unhappy, employee turnover is high, problem behaviors interfere with your team’s productivity and other issues that stems from a lack of emotional intelligence, I’m sure you’ll agree that the value of what you’ll learn is priceless
This Program is Regularly Priced at $2497
Enroll Now to Instantly Save $1500
With your investment of only $997
You choose the registration option that works best for you now - 
either a one-time pay in full of $997 or 2 payments of $597 each 30 days apart
Hurry though! 
This savings is available only until midnight Pacific Time on
Sunday, August 26th

Your Delight and Transformation Is Guaranteed
I wholeheartedly believe that Leadership Mastery will work for you. In the past 15 years, I’ve used this system in corporate settings and with private executive coaching clients...helping thousands of executives and business professionals become the masterful, heart-centered leaders they were meant to be. 

After 30 full days of working with the material in Leadership Mastery:
  • If you don’t learn how to improve communication, accountability and results – while reducing conflict and drama…OR:
  • If you don’t rediscover the strength, energy and passion that you thought you’d lost long ago…OR:
  • If you’re dissatisfied for any reason (even the way the course is designed)
...let me know, and I'll happily refund 100% of your financial investment into the program – no questions asked.
As a senior leader within your organization, you play a mission-critical role in guiding your team to achieve goals, serve customers and growing the business.

Developing a greater mastery of emotional intelligence will serve you in this function. You’ll be equipped with practical tools to eliminate conflict and drama, motivate employees to do their best and be accountable, and create an amazing culture that your team loves.

And on a bigger level, you’ll benefit even more – and impact those around you in a deeper way.

Because you have a purpose. We all do. 

You’re meant to do incredible things in this world…things you may not even recognize right now. To live your purpose, you need to show up as your brilliant, authentic self...

And that’s exactly what you’ll do when building your emotional intelligence. Understanding your own emotions and living from a place of authenticity is the vital first step in becoming an emotionally intelligent leader.

When you show up authentically, you create space for others to reveal who they truly are – perhaps for the first time ever. 

And when you all stop hiding and instead let your brilliance shine, amazing shifts and results happen.

See for yourself. Enroll in Leadership Mastery Now.
P.S. Remember, your enrollment is backed by my personal 30-day delight guarantee. Participate fully in the first two modules, and if you don’t see results and feel better equipped to handle the people problems in your workplace, simply let me know, and I’ll refund every penny of your investment. Get started here…